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Thea Silver
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I needed some place where I could keep better track of my OCs and such, so don't mind me.

[P.S. No, that's not my real name... She's kind of my alter ego.

Icon credit goes to: :iconzzappzz:]
Full Name: Thea Elaine Silver

Birthday/Age: 11/24 | Twenty one
Gender: Female
Race: Silver Tongue [High Power] / Netherling [Winged] / [Currently Unknown]
Height: 5'7" - 5'8"
Hair: Chest length, wavy, dark chocolate hair.
Eyes: Tawny brown eyes.
Skin Tone: Peachy
Dress(colors, style): Relaxed, very comfortable. Jeans, loose shirts, sweaters/cardigans, things she can easily move around in. Blacks and greys mostly, maybe some faded blues.

Description of Home: Wide, two stories, light green siding/paneling with white accents and slate grey shutters on the windows. Set in the woods, very comfortable/homey feel to it with small deck on the front, and some colorful bushes scattered here and there around it.
Dominant Character Trait: Breezy, or maybe scattered. She's pretty fast paced, trying to get things done as soon as possible so that there out of the way and she doesn't have to worry about them.
Secondary Character Trait: Quick-thinker, or clever. Over the years she's become very good at thinking on the spot, and it's gotten her out of tricky situations more than once.

Family: Grandfather, Mathew Calling | (Estranged)Grandmother, Elthina Tanner | (Recently Estranged)Father, Thomas Silver | (Deceased)Mother, Amanda Silver | Fiancé, Aaron Knight | (Adopted)Daughter, Lilla Silver | (Adopted)Daughter, Ella Couse.
Best friend: Aaron Knight.
Dearest friend(s): Emma Tryst, Morpheus, Beck.
Other friends: Ivory, Harley Quince, Felicity Smoke, Grace Brisbane, Kianni Hawke, Koraan Trade, Isabela, Brynn Tabris.
Enemies and Why: Her father, because he betrayed her. He raised her, leading her to believe that he loved and cared for her, but his affections were false. In reality he used and manipulated her for her abilities, and when the time came that he could no longer trick her as he had, he dropped his pretenses and betrayed her, stabbed her in the back (literally at one point). Because of it [all] she was shattered and left heartbroken, lied to by the person she loved and trusted above all. | And Morpheus, though their relationship is more of the "Love/Hate" caliber. He frustrates and annoys her to no end, continually contradicting and just pissing her off in general on a regular basis, with his narcissistic and superior attitudes. But at the same time he has been there for her on more then one occasion, stepping in as her confidant and a shoulder to lean on when her duties and life weighted her down... Essentially she most often wants to simultaneously hug and strangle him daily.

What kind of person is character with others (name persons and describe interaction):
She acts widely different around different people.
For example, with her father she's very cold and indifferent, almost appearing as superior and snide. On the inside though, she's actually terrified. Not really of him specifically, but of how unpredictable and erratic her emotions are around him.
Where as around perfect strangers she's very polite and pleasant, friendly and seemingly open. Getting along with most anyone, unless they piss her off, though even if they do she would most likely (depending on what was said) just excuse herself and move on.
And then with people she's very close with, friends and people she considers her family, she's far more exuberant and emotional in general.

Sees self as:
Slightly broken and cursed. Sometimes depressed and pessimistic, but still a good [enough] person.
Is seen by others as: Kind of sad, but definitely worth getting to know. Sometimes sarcastic but usually pretty good natured.

Sense of Humor: She's very good natured, with the ability to take a joke and even laugh at herself, she's never exactly been the self-righteous type so taking a joke directed at her has never really been a problem.
Temper: Usually pretty good, unless it's Morpheus, he actually holds himself to a record of being able to set her off in barely any time at all. Otherwise it really just depends on the subject, it may piss her off but that doesn't necessarily mean she'll bite your head off for it.
She despises ignorance, racism, and sexism, so if you avoid those things you should be fine.
Basic nature: Kind and friendly, sarcastic and a bit sassy at times. Very personable, with the rare ability to make friends (or at least acquaintances) with most anyone she'd meet. She can be very serious and determined, which surprises most people for some reason, but she really can be quite passionate when she wants to.

Ambition: She's kind of living her life day by day, just trying to actually survive, letting the pieces fall as they may.
Educational Background: She graduated High school and that's about it, she never wanted to attend any colleges or the sort.
Work Experience: Mostly odd-jobs here and there; Grocery store clerks, waitressing, ect..
Philosophy of Life: "Make it through the day and I'd say you're doing pretty damn good." -Thea Silver
Habits: She narrows her eyes and furrows her eyebrows, chewing on her bottom lip and rubbing her fingers together when she's deep in thought, or thinking hard/seriously on something. Usually when she feels any negative emotions (or emotions in general) concerning her father she goes blank; her eyes, her face, everything. Completely blank, devoid of any [signs of] emotions, just blank.
Talents: She's actually a pretty decent cook, and not that bad of a singer.
Hobbies/Pastimes: Reading, she loves reading.
Choice of entertainment: Her family.
Why is character likeable?: She's very polite and kind. Personable, and good at talking with people.
Why is character lovable?: She can be very charismatic without really realizing it. Very sincere, and genuinely caring.


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